False Force
Collaboration with Nick Adam
Interactive Installation
False Force is an immersive environment were exhibition attendees actively consider familiar, aggressive aesthetics of authority. Through gesture tracking, guests are welcomed to touch, move, distort, and/or throw the letters. The white cube of the exhibition space isolates the authoritarian vernacular from the real world, effectively allowing the type to be seen as a simple design decision, thus opening it up for formal examination and critique.

As exhibition bystanders see the animated projection and participants interrogate the type, we all become physically engaged with what too often is untouchable — the aggressive, designed surface of figures of authority.

False Force was designed and developed in Unity an interactive game engine. Leap motion was used to track participants gestures and allow for interactivity. The typeface used was custom — Uniform.otf — an all-caps, custom-typeface based on the gestalt of letters found on figures, uniforms, and vehicles of authority — False Force was projected on the gallery wall.