Fictional Warnings
Interactive Design, Motion Tracking

Fictional Warnings is a temporary interactive environment installed in the empty space next to the basement stairwell at Mason building of RISD. The basic prompt of this project was to choose any interior or exterior void in Providence, and then identify and activate the space through design. The space that I chose for the project seems so close to us, but is at once inaccessible. When I found the space, I realized that even though we cannot physically reach the restricted space, light and sound can approach and fill the space.

I created an immersive environment in which warning signs that we usually see when we enter a restricted area were projected on the wall, but viewers were encouraged to actively move, throw, and touch the signs to challenge the authority restricting our behavior. For the experience, I installed a small device that tracks participants’ hand motions. Looking at the projection interacting with their gestures on the wall, viewers feel that they are physically engaging in the space.