Lissitzky Book
Book Design

This booklet is from my inquiry on the book space and structure, which I began while considering print media as a three-dimensional object with a deep interest in physical attributes and conditions such as materials, volume, and depth created along the z-axis. This booklet contains a body of work of El Lissitzky who was a Russian artist, designer, typographer, and architect in the early 20th century.

Inspired by his unique three-dimensional approaches to all sort of media that he used, I interpreted the format of this book to be architectural, in a way that every non-rectangular page creates multiple spaces between them. Before a reader opens this book, it looks like an ordinary book having a rectangular shape. However, the reader soon realizes that every page has a different shape, and the structure makes the contents on the next pages appear with the current page that the reader is looking at. At this moment, this booklet is no longer just a book, but an architecture.