The Year 2016 in South Korea
Book Design, 2017

The year 2016 will go down as one of the most frustrating periods in modern Korean history. It was revealed that the president and people around her had lined their pockets, and political scandals began pouring in every day after this moment.

Numerous people got together several times to protest despite the piercing cold in the winter, and the fight is not completely over yet, even though they succeeded in impeaching the former president, who was in the center of the scandals. Watching this situation, I felt that we might have routinely focused and been interested only in unimportant matters, even though we are living in a flood of information.

This book is a cross between a calendar and a history book showing events that happened in the year 2016 in South Korea, which I was originally from. Headlines of articles that people read the most are written each day, and when a viewer opens the book further, the viewer can find hidden stories that also happened in the same week but were not noticed even though they were important to know.